CoolLift Facial Treatment Birmingham

CoolLift Facial Treatment Birmingham by Pure Beauty  can provide you a rejuvenating and instant lifting facial treatment. Our Cool Lift Treatments in Birmingham can address all of your skin issues including fine lines, uneven skin tones, laxity and wrinkles.

CoolLift Facial Treatment Birmingham

CoolLift Facial Treatment Birmingham is safe, paintless and induces collagen and elastin formation

CoolLift Facial Treatment Birmingham combines the latest technology to delivery powerful blasts of carbon dioxide at high pressure, low temperature and high concentration to increase tissue oxygenation. 

What does a CoolLift Facial do?

Our coollift facial treatments in Birmingham address any skin problems you may be facing including wrinkles on your face, uneven skin, dull skin and skin laxity. 

How does a CoolLift Facial Work?

Our coollift facial treatments Birmingham helps rejuvenate the collagen, elastin and tissue oxygenation. It helps increase our body’s natural protein which helps our skin to be more youthful and regenerated. Our body doesnt produce as much protein as we age, the CoolLift helps to reignite our body into producing these prteing again as the CO2 hits the Dermis layer of the skin.
CoolLift Facial Treatment Birmingham

Please note: results vary and we cannot offer accurate recommendations virtually – Therefore a FREE consultation to discuss your individual requirements is offered, and required to give you options for best results. For queries please email or alternatively drop me a message on Whatsapp using the icon below.

How does a CoolLift Treatment Feel

Our Coollift treatments are Painless and you wont feele any discomfort during your procedure. 

Coollift Treatment in Birmingham, Ready to get started?

The Cool Lifting system is an amazing, safe, fast and effective treatment that projects a powerful CO2 flow with a high concentration of atomized actives to bring your skin back to life. Book your Birmingham Treatment Today 
CoolLift Facial Treatment Birmingham

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CoolLift Facial Treatment Birmingham

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CoolLift Facial Treatment Birmingham